Just some initial feed back since we haven't even been using it for more than 24hrs yet (Courtney, my wife is wearing it).  

When I opened the shipping box I was blown away by the product packaging, honestly. In looking it over several things jumped out at me, first the over all quality of the box, printing and messaging and second the very accurately portrayed and visible "app store" and "google play" emblems made me feel like this was a real product approved by those "trusted" companies. That may sound a little funny but I think it is good I had that reaction.  On a side note, this is the third item I have received from a crowd funding site and the presentation of your device is by far the best!  As I got into it further last night I was continually impressed with the "open book" secondary packaging and the presentation of the device.  I was pleased to see that it came with two options for the wrist bands (emblem,non emblem), and the cork band itself was nice to the touch and seems like it would be a very comfortable material to have against your skin.  I think this will sound a little funny because it is not what you are selling but I was very impressed with the provided tool for changing the wrist band. First off it is clean and finished very nicely and it has a nice weight to it.  So often this item is over looked and what you get is flimsy, unattractive, forgettable. This tool was as pretty as anything else in the box and will not be easily lost, it will be hard to forget what this tool goes to.  On that note, I did switch the band from the emblem band to the non emblem band and in doing so had a bit of a hard time getting the device to snap back into the face plate, I did eventually get it. However while working on it I was a little concerned that I might damage the actual device if I pressed on it to hard. The plastic enclosure that the device is housed in seemed thin and breakable. I wasn't sure how careful I had to be with it? The charging station is very cool (silicone?), it was easy to align the charging pins with the device and the two dock well and securely. The charging cable also seems to be of a good quality, which is nice.   

I will let you know what we think after we have had a chance to use the device and app for awhile. But so far congratulations on the display and the physical product, very nice!