How The WellBe Gym App Work

It’s All About How You Feel

The WellBe bracelet monitors your heart rate and uses a patent pending algorithm to determine your stress and calmness levels based on time, location and people you meet throughout your day. Crafted from cork, the WellBe bracelet is lightweight, durable, and soft against your skin.

Convert Stress into Calmness 

The WellBe Gym App allows you to get an overview of your stress triggers, and offers personalized stress reducing programs to help you retain a calm state of being. Our app offers a variety of mindfulness exercises such as:

  • Meditations
  • Focused Breathing 
  • Guided Imagination
  • Personalized programs and playlists

Our app also offers programs for 7, 14 and 21 days from renowned mentors through the Mentors Channel, all designed to encourage you to adopt well-being as a habit.

Less Stress – Better Health – Slower Aging

Stress has been scientifically proven to have negative impact on human life, generating negative health implications such as headaches, fatigue, sleeping disorders, digestive problems, high blood pressure, heart diseases, aging and obesity. The longer the stress lasts, the worse it is for both your mind and body and the more difficult it is to recover. 

Mindfulness and meditation have been proven as highly effective ways to release stress and have many positive effects on sleep, productivity as well as lasting good feeling. A recent study from Harvard University suggests that meditation is influencing the grey matter in the brain and thus allowing better

“Stress is like a fire hose in the body, wearing it little by little. Having treated more than 40,000 patients I can assure you that my most stressed patients are the sickest ones.”
Dr. Prudence Hall
Hall Health and Longevity Center

Seeing is Believing

The WellBe Gym App measures the changes in your stress/calmness levels while practicing the different stress release exercises, allowing you to see the ‘before and after’ effect of each program you practice.

Personalized Playlist of Well-Being Exercises

Based on the analysis of your stress/calmness levels before and after the meditations you practice the WellBe Gym App offers you a personalized playlist of programs and meditations that are likely to have the most positive effect on you.

Relaxation is Good – WellBe Makes it a Habit

The WellBe Gym App also offers many programs geared towards helping you remain calm regardless of circumstances. These programs include 7, 14, and 21 days plans coming from renowned mentors through our partnership with Mentors Channel and they are all designed to deal with all those stressful aspects of life which are keeping us away from our natural calm state of being.

These plans will remind you to meditate every day and will slowly but surely bring you back to the quiet space that always exist within you and for you. Practice makes perfect and the WellBe Gym App was designed as a tool that would make it easy for you to retain calmness as an ongoing state of being.  

The Perfect Time to Take a 5-Minute Break

The WellBe Gym App is receiving your stress/calmness information from the WellBe bracelet on an hourly basis. You can set the app to send you an alert when your stress level exceeds a certain level and this alert will also include an effective exercise or meditation that would allow you to reduce stress and restore your calmness immediately.

How About a Hug from a Tree?

We put careful consideration into the material selected to create the WellBe bracelet. We thought that the WellBe Gym App users do not need yet another screen in their lives. We wanted to make our bracelet as environmentally-friendly as possible. So plastic and silicon were out of the question. Eventually we discovered cork! Cork is a beautiful, strong and durable material and it feels wonderful when touched by the human body. Cork is a natural material and peeling it off from an oak tree supports the growth of the tree. If you love nature and trees you can see it as being hugged by a tree when wearing the WellBe Gym App.

Various Models and Colors

We have created the WellBe Gym App in a black, dark brown and natural colors, and you can select the model that fits you best with or without the flow symbol:

Who We are and Why We Made It

The WellBe Gym App was developed by entrepreneurs with a tremendous passion for well-being. We believe that whatever we want in life is because we believe we would feel good when having it. With the WellBe Gym App we can turn a negative emotional momentum into a positive one and achieve that good feeling we desire regardless of the achievement of the actual object. We also believe that by sustaining a good calm feeling we are then more likely to achieve those things we want from life. Moreover, should you need to workout, the WellBe Gym App doubles as a Gym Near You Finder App, which will direct you to the closest gym and help you find a personal trainer if necessary. The App also provides nutrition tips, diet and exercise plans, as well as lifestyle advice that can be tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

The Co-Founders of WellBe Gym App are Zach Sivan and Doron Libshtein, both are seasoned executives in the hi-tech industry as well as published authors in the well being space. Together with our team we demonstrate dozens of years of experience in mobile technology, mobile health solutions and digital well being solutions and our aggregated expertise has come together now to create the WellBe Gym App.