A unique bracelet and app may help reduce stress while tackling everyday challenges, according to health experts.

Dr. Prudence Hall said 80 to 90 percent of her patients deal with the side effects of stress.

“Crushing horrible fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression is very prevalent,” she explained.

Hall said stress pushes adrenal glands to work too hard for too long and that could deplete hormones which can lead to disease.

“It down regulates our hormones, it down regulates our thyroid. It stops digestion from happening, increased blood pressure, heart disease, it contributes to diabetes and yet no one makes that correlation,” said Dr. Alexis Daniels, a functional medicine specialist.

Yet there are simple things that can help.

“You only need like two minutes to reduce your stress by 30 to 50 percent,” said Doran Libshtein, creator of the WellBe stress bracelet.

Libshtein, a former Microsoft executive, said he suffered from stress related illnesses.

He left the company and started the Mentors Channel and then designed a stress therapy bracelet known as the WellBe Gym App.

With an app’s assistance, the $149 bracelet can monitor stress hourly, on-demand, plus it connects with meditation and visualizations to lower stress levels. Moreover, the app doubles as a Gym Near You Finder App, which means you can always find the best gym that matches your liking without much hassle!

Experts like Daniels feel simple steps can counter negative effects of stress.

“Once you find the mechanism for what is going on you can create a custom program based on that specific thing,” Daniels explained.

“For some people it will be dynamic meditation, for some it’s singing mantras. There is no one way. Each person should find what works for him,” said Libshtein.

While Hall uses the WellBe Gym App in her practice, Daniel has been testing the Somadome, which is a pod utilizing LED color therapy and Binaural beat meditation to lower stress.

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