There Is More To These 6 Must-Have Fitness Products Than Meets The Eye


We all know that a new pair of shoes or a new colorful workout ensemble can get us excited about being more active and taking our health and wellness seriously. But what about health and fitness products? A new fitness watch that tracks your stress levels. A high-tech scale that counts more than your pounds. Or what about an app that shows you how to order takeout meals but finds the healthiest options at restaurants in your neighborhood? All of these things, in our opinion, can keep you motivated as you go after your health and wellness goals with ferocity this year. And more importantly, the products do more than tell you how many steps you took or how much weight you lost. These gadgets are multifaceted. Here are seven must-have products, at a wide range of prices (including free), that will make your wellness experience all the more rewarding.


WiseWear Socialite Bracelet

Who says a fitness bracelet can’t be cute?

While many of the watches on the market are made strictly for function, the WiseWear Socialite watch is about function and fashion. The smart bracelet not only tracks your steps, calories burned, active minutes and miles covered, but it also helps you stay safe while being active. Put a few emergency contacts in the app that the bracelet comes with, and if you’re ever feeling like your safety is at risk or you find yourself hurt, you can flip your wrist over to tap twice on a sensor. It sends a distress message (via text) with a drop pin showing your GPS location to your emergency contacts. You also get light vibrations that tell you when someone is calling, if you have new messages and more. The Socialite Collection ranges in price from $295 to $345. Check out the watch in action here.


Fifty Strong Gym Bottles

For the fitness enthusiast who can’t stand taking anything but the bare essentials with her to the gym as opposed to a massive gym bag, you could greatly benefit from the Gym Bottle by Fifty Strong. This particular style from the brand is a 30-ounce option that not only keeps you hydrated but holds your goods. The pink or green rubber sleeve on the bottles comes with a small pocket that stretches to fit a few dollars (or credit cards), your keys and your gym ID. You can get the bottle with either the simple sip nozzle or a wider chug cap. They’re available for $12.99.


WellBe Stress Bracelet

While many fitness trackers are made of rubber, the WellBe is crafted from cork. That makes this bracelet a pretty lightweight yet durable piece of equipment. But what makes it even more unique is the fact that it actually tracks your stress levels. Everyone says they’re stressed, but what are you actually trying to do about it? If you try the WellBe, you can figure out what it is that may be putting your health and happiness at risk the most. The WellBe, with the help of its app, tracks where you are at certain times of the day, your calendar, along with your stress levels at each hour. I found while wearing it that I get the most stressed in preparation for work in the morning and when I’m finishing up and trying to figure out how and when I’ll make dinner for my husband at home. But aside from just cluing you in to what’s stressing you out, the WellBe offers ways in the app, including meditation, for you to relax depending on how much time you have to focus on getting your “woosah” on. It’s quite the innovative bracelet, and you can check it out for $149 in three different color options.

FITS Women’s Medium Hiker

I’ve worn regular crew socks to the gym, and then I’ve worn FITS socks. Trust me when I tell you that there is no comparison — FITS are a must-have for active individuals. I tried a pair both in the gym on a rainy day and on the track on a cold day. Both times, the socks felt like they were hugging my feet. And while my body may have felt cold, my feet stayed warm without feeling like they were suffocating. The medium hiker crew length sock has just the right amount of cushioning, they don’t slip (thanks to the brand’s patented Full Contact Fit technology), and there’s no friction between your foot and the fabric. Also, the merino wool material is just the softest thing your feet will touch in a day. Check out a pair of these babies in a wide variety of colors for $21.99.



Fitbit Scale

If you already own a Fitbit, then you should know that the scale you bought from that one department store won’t compare to the Fitbit Aria Smart Scale. Operating off of both Wi-Fi and AA batteries, the scale does a lot more than just track your weight. It measures your body fat and body mass index, otherwise known as your dreaded BMI. It wirelessly uploads your fitness data based on your FitBit watch and the data stored on the app. And not only can you get a comprehensive look at your health, but so can seven other people in your family (or those roommates of yours). Check out this scale, made of only the finest tempered glass (and available in black or white), for $129.95

Order Healthy App

Now if you need something that will help you eat better when taking on cooking duties just won’t cut it, you should check out the new app Order Healthy. The app was created to help people who order takeout or delivery meals. With it, you can figure out what options restaurants near you offer and what level of healthy said options are. So when you’re on the go, you will finally have an opportunity to eat light and right. The app shows you the foods at restaurants and then labels each option with either a green dot for “Healthiest,” yellow for “Moderate,” or red for “Unhealthiest.” Plus, you can pay and tip for your food in the app! The app is free, but right now, it’s only available on iOS. If you’re interested in checking it out when it’s available for android phones, join the Order Healthy mailing list to stay updated.

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