The WellBe

By Let the good in

Mindfulness is at the heart of wellness. Living mindfully can help us manage and mitigate stress of all kinds -- but that certainly can be easier said than done. The reality is, we are often faced with stress throughout our days, and sometimes we are totally unaware (especially in the moment) of how this impacts our minds and bodies. The ability to be more mindful, look inward, and mitigate stress in a positve way in turn has the potential to have a profoundly positive impact on our health.

Enter the WellBe bracelet. I just learned about this and found it too intriguing to not share. It helps monitor your stress levels and offers biofeedback and personalized recommendations. I love my Fitbit and would recommend it to anyone for multiple reasons, but see some strong potential in WellBe as a wearable extending beyond fitness and physical health, offering a simplified tool to help us learn more about ourselves in a way that may improve stress management through mindfulness.


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