The technology paradox: Technology to give you your life back

By Electronic specifier 

Author: Daisy Stapley-Bunten

Technology to take you away from technology – sound a little paradoxical?

Fashion has made accessories out of technology, hybridizing medical wearables with personal data tracking. Replacing one piece of technology with another that is less invasive. Technology has become inextricably integrated into our lives, but these technologies attempt to relieve the symptoms of tech-addiction, with tech…

The WellBe
150% funded on Indiegogo, the WellBe is a wearable bracelet that learns your stress triggers, when, where and who.

Designed to support your emotional well-being, the WellBe monitors your heart rate and uses a patent pending algorithm to determine your stress and calmness levels based on time, location and people you meet throughout your day.

However this wearable doesn’t just provide information on why and how you are stressed and leave you to cope alone, but actually offers personalized stress reducing programs such as meditations, focused breathing, guided imagination and personalized playlists. The WellBe learns your stress triggers and offers guidance to return you to a state of calm.

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