The bracelet that reveals who REALLY stresses you out

By dailymail


  • Heart rate monitoring sensors track heart rate for three minutes every hour

  • Determines stress levels from 3 factors: time, location and people you meet

  • WellBe is made from lightweight cork and available in 3 colours 


If you're left stressed by your siblings and being berated by your boss leaves you less than calm, help is at hand.

A a new device immediately alerts wearers when they are in situations and around people that increase their stress levels.

Called WellBe, this tracking bracelet uses heart rate sensors and algorithms to understand triggers and formulate personalized programs to instantly restore calmness. 

Studies show that stress is the basic cause of 60 percent of all human illness and disease.

‘The WellBe measures the changes in your stress/calmness levels while practicing the different stress release exercises, allowing you to see the 'before and after' effect of each program you practice,’ WellBe shared in a Kickstarter campaign.

‘Find out what your stress triggers are and learn personalized meditation and other well-being exercises to release stress immediately.’

WellBe is seeking $25,000 in this campaign, which they have secured $58,724 in pledges from 471 backers – it will be open for another 25 days.

Consumers will receive their own stress tracking bracelet for a $99 pledge, which is set to ship next month and to anywhere in the world.

The built-in heart rate monitoring sensors are designed to track the wearer’s heart rate for three minutes every hour.

Then the proprietary, patent pending algorithm steps in to analyze heart rate variability.

This process determines the stress levels based on the three factors: time, location and people you meet.