Healthy Gifts for Men and Women

Creative Fitness-Friendly Presents for All Budgets

Make your holiday shopping a little bit easier with this list of healthy gift ideas for men, women and kids.  You’ll find fitness tools, activity trackers, workout apparel and other fun gadgets to put a smile on everyone’s face. There are gifts for as low as $25 and some for a bigger budget.

If you’re not sure that a “healthy” gift is the right choice, be sure to read these tips.  Not everyone responds well to diet and exercise related presents. Find out how to tell who will love and who will hate a healthy gift.

Yoga-Friendly Gym Bag

If your loved one is a smart exerciser, he or she does a variety of workouts to burn calories, build strength and keep her body in good shape. This yoga-friendly gym bag makes it easy to organize and pack for any workout or activity. 

This gift is great for people who enjoy a variety of workouts, yogis, runners, gym-goers and active exercisers

Price: $25.00 (on sale, $59.99 full price)

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Mess-Free Earbuds

Need a stocking stuffer? If your gift recipient already has a gym bag, why not get him or her a handy carrying case for their earbuds? Headphones stay free from sweat and dirt and are easier to find in a gym packet when they are safety nested in a case. The Nest Tangle-Free Earbud Case helps keep wires free from mess. And if your loved one has wireless Airpods, consider the handy Podpocket (shown). 

This gift is great for anyone who travels with a purse, gym bag, or briefcase and listens to music on the go

Price: $9.98 (The Nest) to $19.95 (Podpocket)

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WellBe Mindfulness Companion

Anyone can benefit from a little less daily stress. The WellBe bracelet monitors heart rate and uses a special algorithm to track your stress level throughout the day. If your stress level rises, there are relaxing activities provided on the smartphone app to reduce it. This is also great for the dieter who has a hard time managing emotional eating. The app that comes with it also doubles as a Gym Near You Finder App, which means the recipient will find locating the best fitness center easy and quick.

This gift is great for anyone with a stressful job or who would like to learn to practice mindfulness.

Price: $199.00

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Fitness Smartwatch

Activity monitors have come a long way since the days of wrist-worn plastic devices.  Todays trackers function more like smartwatches, providing text and call notifications, calendar alerts, and more. The newest fitness tracker by Fitbit, the Fitbit Ionic, even allows you to listen to Pandora or your own music playlist without carrying your phone. 

This gift is great for runners, cyclists, walkers and other healthy exercisers who like to track daily steps, sleep, diet and other health markers

Learn more: Which Fitbit is Best?

Price: $59.95 to 299.95

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Stylish Active Day Wear

Stylish, active women appreciate having clothes that move with them throughout the day – even when they aren’t working out at the gym.  But it can be hard to find sophisticated clothing that supports a calorie-blasting active lifestyle. Thankfully, many companies now design a full range of athleisure options; clothes that look great in the office but perform well when you hit the streets for a midday walk.

This gift is great for women who want to look great and stay active both in the gym and out on the town.

Shoes to Help Boost Step Count


If your loved one already has a fitness tracker and is monitoring their daily step to boost fitness or weight loss, then a pair of fun, stylish shoes will be appreciated. Walking shoes don’t have to be drab. These fun shoes by Vionic come in metallic and velvet styles—perfect for the holidays. And Vionic supportive technology will keep her feet happy when she wears them.

This gift is great for men and women who walk for fitness or who stand on their feet more often.  

Price: varies ($129.95 – $139.95 for the styles shown)

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Compression Gear

Many fitness brands now make workout wear that provides compression benefits. According to some studies, compression garments can help improve circulation to benefit recovery after exercise. But any exerciser who has worn compression tights or a compression top knows that it feels great during a run, a walk, or during any fitness activity. You’ll find compression wear made by different brands, but 2XU is a leader in the market and provides great styles for both men and women.

This gift is great for any man or women who exercises, but especially great for larger bodies who benefit from extra body support during exercise

Price: varies, but generally $49.95 to 129.95

Where to

Stylish Workout Wear

If your loved one is starting a new exercise routine or if she needs to re-energize her current program, consider buying her some new workout wear.  A new outfit doesn’t need to break the bank. You’ll find budget-friendly tops, bottoms, and shoes by familiar brands like Ryka and Everlast.

This gift is great for women who work out at the gym or at home and love to be comfy and well dressed when they exercise.

Learn more: The Best Fitness Brands if You’re Not Super Skinny

Price: $11.99 (workout top by Everlast), $84.99 (training shoe by Ryka)

Where to buy: Sears, online, sporting good stores 

Yonanas Dessert Maker

Everyone loves dessert. But not everyone loves (or needs) the extra calories that come with traditional desserts. Yonanas healthy dessert maker helps you create guilt-free treats from fruit with no fat and fewer calories.  The device is easy to use and fun for families .

This gift is great for anyone with a sweet tooth, families with kids, and healthy dieters who want to eat more fruit and try new recipes.

Learn more: Yonanas (review): A Simple Solution for Dieters With a Sweet Tooth

Price: $49.99 (and up)

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Lumo Lift Posture Coach

If the man or woman on your gift lift would love a boost of confidence throughout the day (and who wouldn’t?) consider giving this unique activity tracker by Lumo.  Lumo Lift tracks your daily movement but also coaches you to stand up straight and project yourself with confidence whenever you need it. The small sensor is easy for anyone to wear and you can monitor your progress on your smartphone.

This gift is great for someone starting a new job or school program, dieters who want to feel better about their body, people who sit at a desk all day.

Learn more: How to Stand Up Tall and Look Thinner Right Away

Price: $99.99

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Body Fat Smart Scale

A scale can be a tricky gift to give if your loved one is trying to lose weight. But many fitness buffs and dieters alike prefer to track their body fat rather than their weight. In order to do so, it’s helpful to have a smart scale that uses BIA technology to measure lean muscle mass and other metrics. Several brands including Taylor, Polar, and Tanita make body fat scales ranging in price from about $30 to more than $400. If your family member, friend, or loved one already owns a fitness tracker, get one that syncs with their device so that they can track data over time. The Fitbit Aria 2 scale syncs with the smartly designed Fitbit dashboard to track progress.

This gift is great for anyone who wants to track their weight, body mass index, lean muscle mass or body fat percent over time.

Learn more: How to Pick the Best Body Fat Scale

Price: $129.95

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