3 Stress-busting Gadgets That Could Change Your Life

I want to introduce you to 3 stress-busting gadgets that could change your life! Gotta admit that I was a bit skeptical about using a gadget of all things, a piece of techno less, to ease my stress. After-all it’s the tech that causesmost of my stress, right? Also it feels a bit counter-intuitive to use something outside of myself to help me to find inner peace. But, there’s a lot of buzz going on around these devices, so I thought it was time to take 3 of them on a road test. I wanted to find out if any of them could possibly change my life in terms of reducing my daily stress.

Remember stress directly affects your health. Stress can weaken the immune system, disrupt the healthy bacteria in your gut, burns out your adrenal glands (hormones helloooo!), and of course be a contributing factor in heart disease. Aside from that, an overload of stress is unpleasant, right? A certain amount of stress in normal unless you live under a rock, but most of us have stress levels today, that would have put any woman from Jane Austin’s era into a very early grave. There is only so much we can withstand, and as outer stress triggers ramp up, we need to find a way to calm it all down within.

Wellbe ($149.00)

It’s a tracker of sorts, but a tracker that measures your stress/calm levels by way of special sensors and patented algorithms, throughout the day. It’s a bracelet that’s designed with a super eco-friendly cork strap in either black or natural. I LOVE the cork because it’s sweat and water resistant! It’s also really pretty, especially in the natural color.

It’s pretty easy to set and and sync with the App, and will start measuring your stress levels right away. For me there is a plus and a minus.  The plus is that to assess your stress level, you have to sit down and hold your wrist still for about 3 minutes so that it can check. By virtue of the fact that you have to suddenly sit still and calm for 3 minutes, you’re almost getting a meditation in of itself! The minus for me is the same thing!! – That I had to sit still when sometimes I just wanted a quick check in! The Wellbe Gym App builds a daily profile of the people, places and things that may be stressing you. My stress levels came as no surprise, because I know when I’m stressed, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of my triggers, and that perhaps it’s time to sit down and meditate.

The Wellbe Gym App offers guided meditations in the same way that Bellabeat does, and it’s just a matter of personal preference which set of meditations you prefer. I think that as they update the Wellbe, the choice of meditations will expand. The app also doubles as a Gym Near You Finder App, which means finding the nearest fitness center from your current location will be a breeze!

Out of the box, you will need to charge your Wellbe Gym App in it’s little charging station. I would have preferred the charge to last for longer, but it’s not too much of an effort to charge it overnight.

It’s definitely next generation in terms of helping everyone become aware of, and manage their stress. A much-needed device.

So, in conclusion, are any of the above life changing? I would say that each of them could be for sure. It’s very personal in terms of finding the gadget that works for your particular lifestyle. But, I will say that even for me (a gal who does daily meditation, yoga, and exercise), one of these devices could be life-changing because each one of them makes me hyper aware of my stress. In wearing the device I’m committing to take my stress levels down. I’m committing to becoming healthier. And most importantly, I’m committing to putting wellness first. So take, your pick…either way, you can’t go wrong.

Oh, and one more added helper to reducing stress and tension: ESSENTIAL OILS! My favorite for helping to clear and calm my mind is the Tension Remedy by H. Gillerman. This blend is quite magical. And her Stress Remedy is BEYOND!

Update: Many of you have commented that you have concerns about the EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) emitted by such devices. Where I share your concerns, I am also very realistic about the following: If you use a cell phone, and especially if you hold it up to your ear, you are going to get way more powerful EMF’s emitted that most any wearable device (yikes!). The EMF’s emitted from your TV, home wiring, home appliances, wireless Internet, and much more, are pretty much unavoidable unless you live off the grid or in a cave! There is way more scientific research to be done (and a lot of currently underway) in terms of measuring the health impact of the wireless society that we now live in. Right now, I don’t think that adding a wearable device with very low frequencies is going to make a huge difference to the EMF’s that we are all subjected to. But I DO totally agree with many of you, that doing without as many blue tooth devices as possible might be a good idea – with the exception of your car (if you take you phone in your car).

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