How Do You Handle Stress?

Few people escape stress. With our busy life, electronic stimulation all around, more demands on us everyday, something is bound to stress us out. Whether it hides in the dark recesses of our minds or is visible to anyone around us, stress is there. You may handle it by venting anger, by becoming ill, by overdoing something: alcohol, food, exercise or even sleep. Stress is inevitable but are your coping mechanisms working in a positive way for you?

The first step in healing anything in your life is to acknowledge that it exists and to identify how you know you’re experiencing some kind of discomfort. Think of the last time stress affected your day. How did you feel? Anxious? Angry? Restless? Hopeless? Sad? Is that how stress usually affects you?

Next try to remember how and when the uneasy feeling began. Was it something another person said to you? Was it that you had to do something you didn’t want to do? Or was it not getting your way? The more you can identify what causes your personal stress, the more you are in command of your life. Learn to say ‘no’. Once you identify the repeated source of stress, you can deflect the emotion by staying clear of the source, or keeping it to a minimum.

Finally, notice how you handle stress. If you get that anxious feeling do you reach for a pill to calm you down? Do you deflect any negative emotion by self-medicating? If you become angry do you vent the anger or do you breathe deeply until the anger passes?

If you are struggling with the answers to any of these questions, you are out of touch with your feelings. The WellBe bracelet can be your solution. Use it to measure your stress level and, should you discover you are in danger of allowing stress to control you, stop, breathe, and meditate for a few minutes until calm sets in and your emotions are back in balance.

Stress is inevitable. But acknowledging you have it, discovering where it comes from and using positive ways to deflect and alleviate stress is how your life becomes so much more manageable and fun.

Written by Dr. Marcia Hootman for WellBe

Managing Stress - Brainsmart - BBC


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